At the Antica Osteria del Carugio, in the heart of Porto Venere, you can enjoy the finest of typical Ligurian cuisine. Our dishes are mostly made with fresh, local, seasonal products, specifically ingredients supplied by small-scale local producers, and the vegetables and herbs that we grow in our very own garden. Home-produced high-quality EVO made with the olives from our olive grove located just above Portovenere’s main square is another one of our main ingredients. We harvest the olives in early October, before they turn black, cold press them to ensure long-lasting fragrance and persistence, and package the EVO in pretty bottles.

Our dishes recount the rhythm of the seasons of both sea and land.

Founded back in 1890, Antica Osteria del Carugio has forever been a “must-visit” location, a sort of landmark for both locals and visitors. A few years ago, we decided to restore it to its former splendor by bringing the ancient medieval walls and distinctive vaulted ceilings to light.

At the Osteria del Carugio we have always endeavored to emphasize our strong link to traditional and local products while keeping present-day preferences and needs in mind. We offer our guests typical fare, prepared according to Portovenere’s culinary legacy, aiming to recount our wonderful land’s unique scents and flavors in every dish.
Our Osteria’s medieval architectural features, such as the stone walls and vaulted ceilings, harmoniously blend with the renovated garden, which is enhanced by the sunlight filtering through the town’s rooftops.