cose da fare a portovenere

What to see in Portovenere

Portovenere stands guard over the western tip of the promontory, bordering the Gulf of La Spezia and opposite the island of Palmaria. It is one of the pearls of the Ligurian Riviera, a true work of art born from a harmonious blend of nature and architecture, universally acclaimed and UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997.

Its churches, monuments, cliffs, islets, caves, and beaches have forever provided visitors with great sources of inspiration, and this is why the Gulf of La Spezia is also called the “gulf of poets”. Over the centuries, countless artists – from Petrarca to Lord Byron and Shelley – have been here and fallen in love with the area.

chiesa san pietro portovenere

San Pietro Church

castello doria portovenere

Doria Castle

Byron’s Grotto

chiesa di san lorenzo portovenere

San Lorenzo Church

portovenere dall'alto

Palmaria Island

Tino and Tinetto Islands

grotta azzurra portovenere

Blue Grotto

Volcanic Grotto

Villa romana del Varignano

The Carugio


Carrùggio, (plural form carrùggi) – Genoese/Ligurian term, derived from the Latin quadrŭvium/quadrivium – the tiny narrow alley in Ligurian cities, towns, and villages.

Carruggi date back to the Middle Ages, and were the mainstay of the street grid of Genova, which lacked squares and was controlled by the powerful merchant families. The private use of public spaces, which was also typical of the distinctive Islamic settlement patterns in the Middle Ages, was achieved via the “occupation” of portions of the town, the building of angiportica (used to extend one’s dwelling), and the construction of towers at crossroads, to physically and symbolically control an area of influence.

RY4WBB Old center of Porto Venere in Liguria, with its  narrow streets leading to the sea
15.Foto Carugio
16.Foto Carugio